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Modular School Buildings Will Save Time and Money

When space is at a premium and the school budget is tight, modular school buildings offer an excellent alternative for expansion. Conventional construction can cost millions and take a great deal of time to build but with prefabricated school buildings you are reducing the cost and speeding up the completion date. You may be surprised to learn what modular buildings can do.

modular school building hallwayPrefab school buildings have come a long way from the mobile home like classrooms that became popular many years ago. The buildings going up today look just like their brick and mortar counterparts but are assembled in a factory instead of on your site. While your new school is being built, your students and staff will not be distracted by the activity and the noise. You also don't have to worry about the security concerns that come with hundreds of subcontractors coming and going each day on your campus.

The design of your modular school building can be anything you want it to be. These units are easily customized to any specification. There are models for single and double classrooms as well as large multi-classroom or training facilities. You can even get multi-storied buildings that cover thousands of square feet. Want a teacher's lounge in the middle of your block of classrooms, no problem. Looking to add on a library or gymnasium, there is a pre engineered building design that will work for you. Modular school buildings also make excellent computer rooms; all of the special electrical requirements and ventilation concerns are addressed at the factory before it is shipped to your site for assembly. The availability of the Promise Buildings, LLC “Custom Green” approach provides many green building materials and practices.

Universities and community colleges are looking to prefab educational buildings to meet their expansion needs. The modular building construction method has built university bookstores and lecture halls which were assembled quickly and at an affordable cost. They promise quick, reliable and affordable solutions for expansion. The benefits of going modular include a completed building ahead of time without extra costs.

Modular construction can work well for day care centers as well. Preschool buildings engineered to meet the needs of any facility caring for young children can be put together in as few as 60 days. If you are anticipating a big jump in enrollment this would be a perfect way to make sure you are prepared. Consider what the safe, healthy, and cost effective learning environments prefab modular construction provides to you.

Any configuration will work with the simple concept. Customized options are ready for you. Need help? Call 800.217.6179 for a consultation or connect with us using our online contact form by clicking here.

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