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Prefabricated Municipal Buildings Save Taxpayers Money

prefabricated municipal buildingsWith tax revenues down and budgets tight; many cities are discovering the savings from construction of prefabricated municipal buildings. Outdated, energy inefficient facilities are being replaced by new modular structures that can be built quickly and at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

Prefab municipal buildings are an attractive, affordable alternative because the bulk of the construction work is performed inside a factory outside of the elements. Projects are completed on time and on budget. City administrators have found that pre engineered municipal buildings have a number of uses including administrative offices, municipal garages, and maintenance facilities.

It used to be when you mentioned prefab, people thought “trailer”, but that is no longer the case. Modular municipal buildings can be built in almost any shape or size. There are multi-story designs available that can cover several thousand square feet. They also have opportunities in construction of detention facilities and stand alone restroom facilities that could be located in a city park.

modular municipal buildingsPrefabricated municipal buildings are also popular because they can be disassembled and moved to a new site. Disaster offices and temporary housing can be constructed quickly in areas devastated by hurricanes or tornadoes. Prefab buildings went up in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to meet the critical housing needs of Louisiana and Mississippi. They not only served as shelters for people who lost their homes but they were also quickly constructed to serve as hubs to help people in need of disaster assistance. The speed of construction was a great aid to the city of New Orleans and the federal government in responding to the natural disaster.


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