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Modular Offices Provide Quality Space at an Affordable Price

We have all seen the construction trailer that serves as the main office on a job site. It meets the demand for a quick administrative office but thanks to advances in modular office construction you are no longer stuck with the mobile home appearance. Prefabricated office buildings now come in all shapes and sizes and offer a great alternative for quality space at an affordable price.

Any developer will tell you that operating your sales office out of a trailer is no way place to try and convince customers to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on new homes or luxury condos. Many of these builders are going with pre engineered sales offices on the property to serve as a welcome center. The buildings can be designed to meet your office needs and also the needs of your customers with proper restroom facilities and other amenities.

Prefab office buildings can be temporary or permanent. There is no limit on size or space and it is quite common to find a multi-story pre engineered facility featuring thousands of square feet of office space. It can be broken down into small individual offices or a large floor area for cubicles. Break rooms can be easily built in along with large classrooms for training. If you want a showroom inside the facility that is something else that can be customized to fit your needs. The modular space can be broken up in any way you want.

Modular structures are built inside a factory saving the customer money and time. There are no weather related delays associated with this type of construction insuring your project will be completed on time. Because most of the construction takes place at the factory, you will not have the distractions involved with conventional construction on your site. No heavy construction traffic, no mess and no noise. The builder will only be at your location when it comes to assemble the modular office building and that is done very quickly. In the words of Promise Buildings, LLC, "the final outcome is a completed building ahead of time without extra costs."

 Any configuration will work with our simple concept to suit your needs. Customized options are ready for you. Need help? Call 800.217.6179 for a consultation or connect with us using our online contact form by clicking here.



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