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Modular Hotels

Common Questions About Modular Hotels

How long does the building process take for a modular hotel?  Can you tell the difference between traditional construction and a modular prefabricated building?  These are just two of many questions that pop up in conversations about using prefabricated parts to erect buildings these days. The fact of the matter is that almost all construction these days has some form of prefabrication in it. The fact that most of us can't tell the difference speaks to the success of the techniques!

Construction engineers years back began looking for ways to speed up the building process while keeping costs low and prefab provides the answer. Depending on the number of prefabricated units needed for building the hotel, experts say in factory construction can take as little as two weeks. Because 80% - 90% of all the manufacturing is done in a factory controlled environment with each part inspected along the way.  Once the project reaches the building site, set up and final site assembly can take as few as 14 days.  Again, it depends on size of the project. Unless you see the prefab building delivered in sections, it is pretty difficult to determine that it is prefabricated.

One of the truly nice things about modular construction or systems built construction is the part you can play in your own design. You are essentially limited by your budget and creativity.  If your land is strangely configured, say bending around a really big oak tree, then you can build your units to fit around the tree and stay environmentally friendly and creating a built in conversation piece.  Building pre engineered hotel buildings gives you efficiency and quality control because progress is not typically delayed due to the weather, missing materials, or ever increasing labor costs.

Is modular more difficult to finance or to insure, you ask?  No. Because these buildings can be provided as real property as far as appraisal and financing is concerned.  Banks, lending agencies and insurance agencies can treat modular hotel units the same as typical “from the ground up” construction.

How much do modular buildings or systems built construction cost? Well, the cost is based per unit and can run from very economical to million dollar madness. It all depends on what you want in the way of design, presentation and amenities. Some of the greatest cost savings are seen in areas with high labor costs.


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