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Meet Your Expansion Needs with Modular Medical Buildings

It seems like new breakthroughs in medicine come every day. Keeping up is difficult for most healthcare facilities which want to offer the latest in MRI and CT scanning but don't have the budget for expansion. Modular Medical Buildings can be a high quality, low cost way of adding on space in a short amount of time.

The beauty of prefabricated medical buildings is that they go up quickly and can be custom designed to any specification. Whether you are looking to add a diagnostic imaging facility or dialysis treatment center, a modular medical building can be found to meet those needs. When growth requires quick and affordable solutions for expansion, this is the way to go.

modular healthcare constructionPre engineered medical buildings are built in a factory and then assembled on your site. The process not only saves time and money; it also saves you the aggravation of having a messy construction site on your property, inconveniencing your patients. The vast majority of the work on the new medical facility will be performed off site, leaving only the assembling of the building to be done on location.

Since medical facilities have so many special requirements during construction, prefab works very well. Your design team will be on call upfront and in the factory to make sure that all building codes are complied with and special needs for your facility will be met. You may be surprised to learn what modular medical buildings can do; they now cover multi-stories and several thousand square feet.

If your healthcare organization is looking to expand off site and into the suburbs, prefabricated medical buildings make great satellite offices. Perhaps you want to add a dialysis treatment center several miles away to make it more convenient for your patients; a prefab building can go up quickly at an affordable price. Other organizations have found they work very well for community clinics as well as mental health and psychiatric clinics. The military has used prefab construction for hyperbaric wound care facilities and temporary surgery centers. Another advantage of prefab is that the buildings can be easily disassembled and moved from one location to another.

Configuration Ideas – Medical Medical uses are specialized and have many different applications. We specialize in custom buildings. The simplicity of the modular building application is a great solution to work with your specific medical building. Modular buildings are perfect for stand alone buildings or as an addition. Need help? Call 800.217.6179 for a consultation or connect with us using our online contact form by clicking here.


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