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The U.S. Government Has Discovered the Convenience of Modular Buildings

government prefabricated buildingsThe uses appear to be endless and the cost savings pile up. The U.S. Government is one of the leading purchasers today of prefabricated buildings, saving taxpayers millions of dollars. Government modular buildings can be constructed quickly, at affordable prices, easing space limitations at facilities across the country.

On any U.S. military base around the world you will find a number of modular buildings. Because they can be assembled quickly and mass produced, the military are using them for military barracks, mess halls and training facilities. The barracks meet the needs of the soldiers who live there and their standardized design makes sure that one unit doesn't end up in better facilities than any other. Pre engineered government buildings have no limit on size or space and are easily configured to serve many different uses.

The prefab construction also works well for government healthcare facilities. Emergency surgery centers can quickly be added to bases during wartime to deal with casualties from the latest conflict. The Veterans Administration has built nursing homes for soldiers who need extended care after returning from battle and they have used modular buildings to expand services offered at the VA hospitals in the states.

The government has also taken advantage of the benefits of pre engineered buildings in construction of new federal prisons. As the need for more prison space increases, the Justice Department has turned modular buildings into quick correctional facilities or used prefab buildings to add space to the grounds at several federal prisons. The buildings can be quickly configured to meet the needs of the correctional institution and with no frills added can be constructed and assembled in a very short period of time.

government modular buildingsAt a time in politics when government spending is scrutinized like never before, the military has found a very practical way to manage costs through the use of modular buildings. Private industry would be well served to learn the lessons that the Pentagon and other agencies of the federal government have already discovered.


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