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Modular Educational Buildings Offer Quality Space at an Affordable Price

Clear your mind of any misconceptions you may have about modular educational buildings. The days of the back lot trailer classroom are long gone and today pre engineered educational buildings offer a quality, low cost alternative to conventional construction methods. There are few limits on modular construction these days; you can select the design of your choice and build a multi-storied facility of several thousand square feet if you desire.

modular school classroomPrefabricated educational buildings are now being used by school districts and day care facilities across the country. The cost is a big selling factor but so is the speed and ease of construction. If you are adding on to your current site you will not have the distractions caused by construction of a typical stick building. The construction of prefab educational buildings is done at a factory, so you don't have all the noise and dust related to conventional construction. You also won't have to worry about keeping track of all the subcontractors coming onto your campus during the project. On many educational projects the factory construction will be completed during the school year and then they come to your site in the summer to do the assembly, when the kids and staff are on vacation.

Modular construction can also be customized to your specifications. Pre engineered educational buildings can be tailored to include everything that is desired in a new school. Classrooms, administration offices, a gymnasium, even science laboratories can be included in the design. You can do just about anything with modular that can be done in conventional construction. Ask us about our “Custom Green” building option.

One other big advantage prefab educational buildings have over their conventional permanent construction counterpart is flexibility. The modular classrooms can be disassembled about as easy as they are put up. If someday you decide to relocate your campus the buildings can move with you. If there comes a time when not as much classroom space is needed the buildings could be sold to another school or day care facility where space is limited. You also have the option of leasing pre engineered buildings if you know that you will only need the extra space for a specific period of time.

The results are in. We score high marks making your learning environments safe, healthy, cost effective, and environmentally friendly with modular educational buildings provided by Promise Buildings, LLC.

Any configuration will work with the simple concept. Customized options are ready for you. Need help? Call 800.217.6179 for a consultation or connect with us using our online contact form by clicking here.

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