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Meet the Demands for More Space with Prefabricated Church Buildings

Are you part of a growing church experiencing a real space crunch? There are a number of congregations that are looking for more worship space or to add on to a school but are not sure it is possible because of budget limitations. Prefabricated church buildings are an affordable alternative to conventional site built construction and could make your expansion dreams a reality.

modular church constructionModular church buildings come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to your community’s specifications. Want an all purpose center that can serve a variety of needs; Promise Buildings, LLC can make that a reality. If you are interested in a more elaborate worship center that can be done as well and at a much more reasonable price than conventional construction. Pre engineered churches can also be designed to serve several purposes; a large area of worship space with a series of small classrooms for bible study can be combined into a single structure.

Cost savings are achieved by building prefab churches in a factory. Almost all of the construction work is done long before the pieces are brought to your property for assembly. This has a number of other advantages besides the savings. Since the work won’t be subject to the whims of the weather you can be assured your project will be completed on schedule. This also limits the disruptions on your site from construction with most of the work occurring somewhere else. Going modular also means you won’t have the security concerns that come with having a number of subcontractors working on your property; this is especially important if young children are cared for on the grounds.

modular-church-building.jpgSome people still have old misconceptions about modular construction but that should not keep your organization from looking into the possibility of going with a prefabricated church building. Modern designs look nothing like the old modular classrooms that started popping up back in the sixties. You can customize the outside and inside of your facility in any way that you want. You will be amazed at some of the church buildings that have been assembled in this way.

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