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Promise Buildings is a company that provides buildings utilizing modular construction. Modular construction has many different names, Modular Buildings, Systems Built Construction, Portable Buildings, Prefabricated or Prefab Buildings, Pre-engineered Buildings, Temporary Buildings, and so on.

There is No Limit to What Modular Buildings Can Do

Expansion poses a problem for many businesses or organizations. Whether it is a corporation, healthcare facility, school or church there is a constant battle to provide enough quality space. You might think that adding on is out of the question because of the construction costs but that is not necessarily true. Prefabricated buildings offer an affordable solution to your space requirements.

Modular Buildings first came into wide use as classrooms for schools which were bursting at the seams. The pre engineered buildings could be quickly constructed in parking lots as a low cost solution to the space crunch. The buildings are no longer limited to use in education however, they are now being used at hospitals, churches and even detention facilities.

The buildings have come a long way over the years in design as well. The prefab buildings of today function just as well as their conventional counterparts which can cost more. These buildings can be customized to almost any specification to meet a wide variety of needs. The finished product is a building completed ahead of schedule without extra costs.

Cost savings in construction of modular buildings are achieved by doing the vast amount of the construction work in a factory. The pieces for your custom project are built off site and then later assembled at your location. This leads to a faster construction schedule and holds down costs. The project can be customized however you like and great care will be taken to make sure that all building codes are met.

Modular construction will work for any type of building project. A number of churches have gone with pre engineered buildings to provide more worship space for their congregation. A number of schools have discovered that a modular building is an affordable way to add a second gym so school teams are not competing for practice time. Growing healthcare operations have found that modular buildings make great research labs.

The makers of these structures say you will be surprised at what modular buildings can do. Promise Buildings, LLC is proud to provide you a custom modular building as proof that prefab doesn't have to mean dull. The exterior and interior design elements are second to none compared to others constructed in the old traditional way for more time and expense.

Change happens. People relocate. Schools overflow and need new recreational facilities for sports and tailor fit educational spaces.  Businesses grow requiring quick, reliable and affordable solutions for expansion.  College campuses expand with freshman in need of instructional space or dorm rooms.  Hospitals provide newly advanced treatments that demand technology and patient friendly facilities.  Churches have new vision for ministry and outreach to their communities and a new affordable facility is the only way possible. And if that wasn't enough time is running out!

Whatever your building space problems might be, Promise Buildings can  provide a solution.



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Project Management

project managment Our purpose from the onset is to build a positive relationship to enhance the customer experience. When the time comes to start your building, our Project Management will continue that relationship. No need to worry about loosing vital information in the transition. We will continue to keep you connected to your project until the final acceptance. Promise Buildings has experience in all phases of construction from planning, design, manufacturing to installation. Together, our partnership with you will deliver the features you desire with the schedule and budget you require.

Modular Buildings

Modular Foundation Bridges, buildings, ships and more use the similar concept of manufacturing off site and installing on site. Inherent to this model approach are features that provide speed, quality and satisfaction. Modular buildings have provided many with affordable and high quality options to meet their building space needs. The approach is simple, build sections to come together and make one sure building. But, the advances in construction materials, techniques, and engineering afford the consumer with uncompromising results. Come see what Promise Buildings, LLC can do for your next building project!

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The Promise

Our goal is to partner with our customers to provide building space on time and on budget.  We will maintain excellence through smart consultation, communication and by performing our work as planned.  Every building comes with that Promise.


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